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Ogle Media is a leading media relations company aimed at empowering your brand positivity.


Print Media Services

Get your story published where it matters the most in relevant magazines and news snippets.

Online Press Releases

Share your story online and leave permanent traces. This gets you to the right audience.

Digital Media Services

Got a story to show? Be all over the digital channels.

Digital Brand Management

Integrated Digital brand management services for all your needs with cross-channel marketing.

Reputation Management

We promote thought leadership of your senior management and contribute to overall positive reputation of the organization.

Blogger Services

Write your heart out on the topic of your choice and we publish it on our site. This helps you and your organization gain a brand visibility.


Dynamic team of Ogle Media includes:

Shravan Medempudi


Shravan Medempudi is a data-driven and creative thinking senior marketing professional with a decade of marketing activities excellence. He believes in driving marketing priorities in a dynamic business landscape where customer eccentricity is the part of marketing DNA. He is one of the early adopters of caricature marketing. Caricature marketing was a huge success which brought in the opportunity to be part of the World’s Largest Civil ID and World’s Largest Coastal ID programs. Shravan has 11+ years of experience in IT Services, predominantly Marketing & Sales, Branding, Media Relations, Partner & Analyst relations, specializing in Digital.



Ogle Media is Global leading PR Company with a focused approach for early stage business. Ogle Media has a distribution footprint that reaches millions including journalists, businesses, and industry professionals. Most releases get picked up by Google News, Bing News, partner sites, email, and social media. But that's not all. We own and maintain one of the worlds' leading media directories, the World Media Directory, and have a portfolio of "Micro wires" that provide targeted reach and SEO benefits. We just do not distribute it online, but also share the press release to all media houses in the press release stations. We help enterprises to adapt within the multi-faceted and rapidly-shifting ecosystem and is driving their communications to achieve maximum impact.

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